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School History

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School has been held in Centerville since 1854. The first was in the home of F.X. LaValle in the winter of 1854-55 for a six-month term. School was held the next 10 years in a building on St. Genevieve's Church property. In 1865 a school was built north of the church on the shore of Centerville Lake. It was used 1865-1882. In 1882 a meeting was called to decide on a site for a new school.  At this time, the school board authorized $300 for a new building and $200 for a site located in front of the present Centerville School. In 1909, a new site was purchased at a cost of $325 to build a two-story, four-room building to be constructed at a cost of $2,500. This building was added to and used until a fire occurred in January, 1959.

School Board meeting notes indicate that in 1917 the Centerville School included high school. Enrollment had grown so that in 1940 they were looking at sending some of the high school students to White Bear. Districts 46 and 58 consolidated into the Centerville District in 1917 and the hot lunch program was instituted in 1917, usually soup or hash to go with sandwiches the students brought from home. In 1937 a gym and kitchen were built under the school.

Centerville School was Independent District #5 until it consolidated with District #48 (Lovell School) becoming district 240 in 1956. At this time the school had eight classrooms and 280 students. The high school students went to White Bear Lake.

The current Centerville Elementary was constructed in three stages. The main part of the building was built after the 1959 fire. A second wing was added on the north side of the building in 1966. The final addition was built in 1970 and is the present Media Center.


Mike Macken, 2020 - present
Wayne Whitwam, 2012-2020
Cathy Tschida, 2011-2012
Bob Stevens, 2002-2011
Kathy Millington, 1991-2002
Dan Kelley, 1988-1991
Robert Oothoudt, 1986-1987
Gene Peterson, 1963-69; 1981-1986
Roger Ogren, 1979-1981
Paul Webster, 1958-1979
Raymond Huus, 1957-1958
Jerome Harrington, 1953-1954 (possibly untll 1957?)

Photos From the Past